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First European diploma in anti-ageing (2005)

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Biohacking – the art of self-optimisation – has become increasingly prominent in recent years. However, it is far from a new concept. In truth, people have always searched for ways to enhance their health, vitality and performance with practical everyday hacks.

Biohacking covers a vast spectrum of treatments and measures, ranging from simple lifestyle and dietary adjustments to sophisticated concepts that aim to achieve lasting performance enhancements.

At the prevention-center, we offer customised biohacking programmes, tailored to your wishes and requirements right down to the finest detail. We take into account every aspect of physical and psychological performance. Elements of this treatment include oxygen therapy, hormone replacement therapy, individually tailored supplements and lifestyle advice, which we combine to take your performance and quality of life to a new level.

As a leading centre for biohacking both in Zurich and in Switzerland, we are your expert partner in this field. Get in touch to arrange a personal consultation and find out more about the extensive possibilities of medically supervised biohacking.

Benefits of biohacking with Dr Köhler in Zurich

  • Leading centre for biohacking, both in Zurich and in Switzerland
  • Long-standing member of the World Council for Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine (WOCPM)
  • Long-standing board member of the Swiss Society for Anti-Aging Medicine and Prevention (SSAAMP)
  • Numerous residencies completed with world-leading anti-ageing specialists such as Prof. Khavinson, Dr Herthoge and David Sinclair
  • Holistic treatment concept
  • Personalised treatment, tailored to your needs
  • Comprehensive consultation on the possibilities of biohacking
  • Long-term supervision with regular check-ups

Biohacking in Zurich: Our treatment specialisations

Biohacking is a customisable concept and does not follow a strictly defined framework. We will hold a personal consultation with you to identify the areas in which we can achieve meaningful improvements. The elements listed below provide an overview of the individual treatments included in biohacking.

The art of biohacking involves far more than simply physical health. Experienced biohackers know that every aspect of day-to-day life affects our well-being and performance. With this in mind, we take factors such as working cycles, exercise, fasting, tracking, healthy mindfulness, relaxing sleep and hormone consultations into account in our biohacking programs. We carefully consider every area of your everyday life and search for potential optimisations.

Depending on your needs, and working in line with your wishes, we conduct laboratory testing to detect biomarkers and then hold a consultation to discuss potential treatment options with you.

In the event that our analysis identifies areas outside our specialist fields, we would be happy to recommend relevant experts. Make an appointment with us at the prevention-center and learn about the potential that biohacking in Zurich offers for your life.

Epigenetics plays a decisive role in different biological processes, including cell development and differentiation, pathogenesis and ageing. Epigenetic changes can contribute to various cells in the body taking on different functions even though they have the same DNA. These changes can also explain why identical twins with identical DNA can still have different characteristics due to life events, biological circumstances, social circumstances and individual behaviour. Environmental factors such as physical activity, nutrition and other lifestyle-related factors have a strong influence on a person’s epigenetic profile.

Research into epigenetics also has important implications for medicine. It can provide insights into disease mechanisms and potential ways to develop therapies that target the regulation of gene expression. Furthermore, epigenetics has increased understanding of inheritance by demonstrating that, while genetic information in DNA is passed on to the next generation, so too is epigenetic information. This presents a fascinating field in which we implement targeted measures to optimise a person’s epigenetic situation.

In sum, epigenetics highlights that our genetic fate is not set in stone: instead, environmental factors and our lifestyle can influence our genetic make-up. This contributes to a deeper understanding of biology and opens up new avenues for preventing and treating diseases.

A state-of-the-art analysis technique allows us to measure and analyse epigenetic changes. Combining both genetic and epigenetic analyses enables us to put together the right phytonutrients for your individual needs. A highly complex system calculates your need for various natural plant-based substances in order to repair and reactivate gene activity. You can find out more about BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS here.

Individually tailored supplements allow us to compensate for existing deficits and maintain the results of other treatments over the long term. We examine your needs to compile tailored packages of supplements to maximise the efficacy of the therapy. You benefit from an optimal supply of nutrients, regular check-ups and adjustments in line with your needs.

  • NMN: NMN is a vitamin B3 derivative with potent anti-ageing effects. It is converted in the body to produce NAD+, which is a co-enzyme that counteracts cell ageing. NAD+ levels, which decline as part of the ageing process, can be effectively counteracted with NMN supplements.
  • Resveratol: As an impactful anti-ageing substance, resveratol is an effective substance for use in biohacking. This plant-based compound has a strong antioxidative effect and is capable of neutralising free radicals. It protects and repairs the skin and enhances its barrier function.
  • Q10: Thanks to its antioxidative effect, Q10 is a popular anti-ageing agent. Inside the body, Q10 can have a positive influence on the cardiovascular system and on cell health. In the context of biohacking, Q10 can help to boost energy, regenerate muscles and remedy various health problems.
  • Spermidine: Spermidine is a natural messenger substance capable of effectively counteracting cell ageing. It activates key self-purification processes in cells, thereby helping to combat ageing-related changes.
  • Sirtfoods: Sirtfoods are plant-based foods that contain sirtuin-activating compounds that have an effect on sirtuins. These have an important role to play in protecting against age-related damage. The sirtfoods act like a repair programme for the cells and thereby counter the body’s natural ageing processes.
  • TimeBlock®: TimeBlock® is a highly concentrated, plant-based anti-ageing substance. The treatment concept comprises two active ingredient complexes that are optimised for the human day-night rhythm. Telomer Complex Day® enhances vitality and increases energy levels, while Telomer Complex Night® supports the body’s natural defences and detoxification processes. You can find further information here.
  • Collagenmax®: Vegan, bio-identical collagen supports the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. This beauty drink, which contains highly concentrated phytonutrients, protects, repairs and strengthens your skin from the inside out.

Hormones have a significant impact on our health and well-being. Many women know this all too well from their experiences of the menopause. However, men also experience the andropause, more commonly dubbed the “male menopause”. Falling testosterone levels can lead to symptoms similar to those experienced by women during the menopause.

In our biohacking programs in Zurich, we often work with hormone replacement therapy to counteract changes that occur as part of the ageing process, restoring balance to hormone levels. Precise measurements of pre-treatment hormone levels are vital for hormone replacement therapy to succeed. Bioidentically replacing the lost hormones allows us to regulate our patients’ hormone balance and reduce the risk of cancer.

Hormone replacement therapy may be indicated in different phases of life, as hormone production begins to drop from around the age of 20. We would be happy to advise you about HRT at our clinic.

At the prevention-center, we have been working with hormone replacement therapy for many years. This includes cooperating with a laboratory, which allows us to precisely assess your situation before the start of your treatment. We also continuously monitor your hormone levels during the treatment and make adjustments as necessary.

It has long been known that oxygen has a positive effect on health and can aid recovery from various conditions and diseases. An optimised oxygen supply supports the immune system and enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. This affects not only our health but also our general sense of well-being.

There are now numerous indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It is used to treat various diseases, circulatory disorders and chronic inflammation. We leverage the anti-ageing potential of oxygen in our biohacking treatments in Zurich. Oxygen therapy has a positive effect on the length of telomeres. These are parts of our chromosomes which play a significant role in cell ageing.

The prevention-center was the first clinic in Switzerland to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy and has used the treatment for several years. We have two pressure chambers in which our customers lie comfortably and access the full benefits of oxygen therapy.

You can find further information in our sub-page on hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


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