Bluezones® Elements

Dr. med. Christian Köhler

Practising Doctor, MBA, Diploma in Health Economics, Certified Consultant and Managing Director

Individually adapted treatment concepts

Detailed advice and planning of the procedure

Constant further education and training

This individually tailored six-month regimen directly influences your body’s epigenetic signalling pathways and mechanisms. The rare phytonutrients provided in BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS treatment help your body to uncover its true strength and power. After this monthly treatment, you’ll feel a number of positive changes:

  • Improved vitality
  • Your own lifestyle will have less of an impact in advanced years
  • Better ageing, enabling you to lead a vital, active life

Important information: You can arrange an initial personal consultation by calling +41 44 261 00 61 or by using our contact form. In this initial meeting, you will complete a questionnaire covering your daily habits (e.g. exercise, work routine, stress level and dietary habits). We will then take a few drops of blood from your finger for the DNA analysis.

Phytonutrients individually tailored to your genetic make-up.

Take 30ml dietary supplements for 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions about BLUEZONES® ELEMENTS

Plants in so-called Blue Zones – where the climate, air oxygen levels, weather, altitude and other factors naturally provide optimal conditions for cultivation – produce high concentrations of secondary plant substances called phytonutrients, which are of vital importance to the human body.

Ingesting specifically determined, high-quality phytonutrients influences your genes by either reactivating or deactivating them.


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