Tattoo Removal with PicoPlus

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Facts about Laser Tattoo Removal with PicoPlus

Treatment (outpatient or inpatient)Outpatient
DurationDependent on scope of treatment
AnaesthesiaNone; local anaesthetic if necessary
AftercareApply cream; avoid direct sunlight for 6-8 weeks; wear wound dressing for at least 24 hours; several sessions required
Recovery timeNone
PricesFrom CHF 100 (depending on size)*

*Indication of price possible after delivery of a photo

You suddenly realise one day that you want to change your tattoo or maybe you want to get rid of it altogether!

Our main goal at the prevention-center is to provide our customers the best services and available treatments. For us this includes providing the latest technology first. This is why we have the worlds very first picosecond laser for aesthetic treatments as one of the first clinics in Europe. Due to ultra short pulses (patented PressureWave) the results of a tattoo removal with PicoPlus are clearer with fewer treatments and less fluence.

Experiences and reviews about tattoo removal at prevention-center


Absolutely happy with the result
I went to the Prevention Center to get rid of an old tattoo which I had made as teenager. Stupid I know. Anyway, now it's gone and I am absolutely happy with the result of the treatment. Fair price and the service was second to none.

Google rating from 02/2021

The PicoPlus can remove both light and dark tattoos. The key factor of the success of the treatment is the ultra-short pulses. Whereas common laser can't guarantee a complete removal the PicoPlus laser ensures much better results. Even the removal of colorful tattoos (like green and blue ones) and unprofessionally made ones is easier.For examples skip to the tattoo removal photos. Find out even more about PicoPlus on:

With common tattoo removal lasers you'll have an average of 6 required treatments. The PicoPlus ensures not only significantly better results but also fewer treatments. Already after the first treatment clear results are noticeable. The tattoo is visibly lighter after the first treatment. It only becomes apparent after approximately 3 weeks how much color pigment has effectively been eliminated from the body after every treatment. The tattoo may become discolored during treatment. This is due to the various speeds at which different color pigments break down.

The laser beams heat and destroy the colour pigments in the skin. The fragments of pigment can then be broken down and eliminated from the body.

It is normal for the skin to appear red after treatment. Pinpoint bleeding, similar in strength to an abrasion, or blistering can appear after treatment. This is completely normal. The bandage applied in the clinic should be left in place for 24 hours.

You should not expose yourself to direct sunlight for approximately 2 days before treatment, or for 1 week afterwards. You should not visit a solarium for 4 weeks. The area for treatment should be free from skin inflammation and infection. Please notify your doctor before the procedure if you are susceptible to herpes infectio

As with any wound treatment, scarring may occur. Please inform us if you are susceptible to keloid scarring.


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