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Facts About Prp For Hair Loss

DurationApprox. 30 minutes
AnaesthesiaPain-relief medication
AftercareNot necessary
PreiseFrom CHF 500: Please consult the price list for detailed pricing information.

Many people struggle with thinning hair and hair loss during their lives, sometimes caused by factors such as stress, poor nutrition and aggressive care products. If the hair roots do not get a sufficient supply of nutrients and blood, it can result in permanent hair loss. Oxygen, vitamins, proteins and trace minerals reach hair roots via the blood – which is why the hair shot is able to successfully treat hair loss and alopecia, stimulating hair growth with lasting results.

Your practitioner will work to precisely define the nature of your hair loss so that they can tailor the hair shot treatment to your individual needs. The PRP technique uses a sample of the patient’s own blood to derive and concentrate vital healing and growth factors that are essential for hair regeneration. These are then injected at specific locations in the patient’s scalp using ultra-fine needles. This ultimately triggers regeneration and vitalisation of the patient’s hair.

Benefits of PRP Therapy for Hair Loss at the prevention-center

  • Treatment administered on an outpatient basis, no specific preparation or aftercare required
  • No typical side effects known
  • Top-quality materials used for the treatment
  • Therapy used successfully for over 10 years

Hair Growth Concept

At the prevention-center, we also offer the Hair Growth Concept as a way to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. In contrast to the standard PRP treatment, this concept uses microneedling and biotin to prepare the scalp for the injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This improves the uptake of the PRP and thus leads to better results. In addition, the micro-injuries to the skin caused by microneedling stimulate cell renewal.

A course of PRP therapy comprises four PRP treatments, each supplemented with a cocktail of vasodilating substances and biotin. While the vasodilating substances ensure that the PRP has the optimal effect, the biotin promotes hair growth.

You will also receive a home-care package to supplement the PRP treatments, containing special hair-growth capsules and a serum to apply to your scalp. You should take this capsules regularly throughout the course of your treatment. The serum needs to be applied to your scalp every evening for at least a month. Continuing to apply the serum and take the capsules on a regular basis naturally promotes the treatment results.

At the prevention-center, we offer the Hair Growth Concept treatment for CHF 2,900 (4 sessions incl. biotin shot, 2 packs of HS capsules, 1 x Tricocure with 4 bottles).

Frequently Asked Questions about PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

The hair shot is a treatment method that uses a patient’s own blood to combat hair loss. We process the blood to obtain high concentrations of vital healing and growth factors, which we then inject into the patient’s scalp.

In our experience, you should start to see the first changes after around 4 weeks. The final result of the treatment will then become clear after several months. We recommend repeat PRP treatment sessions at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks to achieve the best possible results.

At our clinic, the hair shot treatment costs CHF 500 per session. In addition to the injections, this price also includes consultation and check-up appointments.

Our blood supplies hair roots with nutrients such as oxygen, vitamins, proteins and trace elements. However, if these supplies are depleted or stop, hair can no longer grow healthily and falls out.

We offer the treatment on an outpatient basis at the prevention-center in Zurich. Each treatment session lasts about half an hour. No special preparation or aftercare is required. Ahead of your treatment, we will take the time to answer all your questions and investigate the cause of your hair loss. In the next step, we extract a small amount of blood and use a special technical method to obtain the highly effective PRP.

In our experience, this treatment is painless for our clients. Once the treatment is complete, you can leave our clinic without any issues.

The PRP injected into the scalp releases important healing and growth factors for hair, which leads to regeneration and vitalisation of their hair.

Studies have also shown that PRP therapy can lead to an increase in the number of hair roots, considerable thickening of hair and skin layers, regeneration and strengthening of connective tissue, and regeneration of blood vessels around the hair roots. The treatment has also been proven to stimulate the stem cells around the follicles.

The hair shot is exclusively composed of active agents we collect from your own blood. This means the procedure is a natural treatment based on some special technical applications. Centrifugalising the blood allows us to separate its solid and liquid components. We then inject the blood’s liquid components (plasma), known as PRP, into the scalp without any additives.

We use an innovative process to prepare our clients’ blood and obtain platelet-rich plasma. This plasma – or PRP – is a highly concentrated substance made up of healing and regenerative active agents. We harness this substance and inject it at specific sites in the scalp. Once the autologous blood has been injected, its regenerative effects develop over the following weeks and stimulate hair growth once again.

For both men and women, hereditary factors are the cause of hair loss in 95% of cases. In women, this form of hair loss leads to thin, sensitive hair, with irregular hair thinning and loss on the top of the head and centre parting. By contrast, men have to contend with a receding hairline and progressive baldness. As hair transplants and chemical hormone blockers often entail an unacceptable risk of significant side effects, the hair shot is the best possible way to combat hair loss. PRP therapy is an additional treatment option for clients who have already undergone a hair transplant to promote overall hair growth. The hair shot can also achieve excellent results for clients who would like to stop taking medications such as finasteride.

The hair shot is a very safe method. The injection substance is exclusively composed of autologous blood and does not contain any additives. As a result, there is no risk of allergic reactions or other intolerance reactions. We use certified, sterile disposable instruments to prepare the blood.

To date, the hair shot has not been known to cause any lasting side effects, which has established the injection as a highly safe treatment method. In rare cases, patients temporarily experience slight bruising, redness or swelling around the puncture site.

We accept all major debit and credit cards for treatment payments at our clinic. PRP hair loss treatment is not part of the medical services catalogue, which means that health insurance providers will not cover the costs of the treatment.

Once you have been given the hair shot, you can usually return to work and exercise again straight away. However, you should wait until the following day before going swimming or visiting the sauna.

Our clients usually feel very well directly after a PRP treatment session for hair loss. You may briefly experience slight swelling, sometimes accompanied by heightened sensitivity, which can persist for a few days.

You will not need to attend our clinic for in-person check-ups. However, we will be keen to know how you feel after the treatment and how effective it is in your case. With this in mind, we will arrange a telephone appointment after around 8 weeks, at which point you can tell us about your experience of PRP therapy for hair loss.

As the hair shot involves exclusively autologous material, the injections can usually be administered as many times as you wish. However, you should keep an interval of 4 to 6 weeks between sessions.

How long the treatment results last in a specific case naturally depends on the client’s individual situation and circumstances. In our experience, however, clients enjoy the positive results of the treatment for around 2 years.

The positive effects of PRP have become common knowledge over the years, so much so that numerous clinics across Europe now offer the treatment. If you are seeking an effective way to combat hair loss, you should turn to an experienced specialist physician who has worked with autohaemotherapy for many years. Dr Köhler is well versed in PRP therapy and shockwave therapy, having performed such treatments for more than 8 years.

Intensive research into PRP therapy has been ongoing for many years, so there is no doubt as to the efficacy of the hair shot as a treatment.


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