PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma (Blood plasma)

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Price list PRP / Vampire Lift

Pricesfrom CHF 500: detailed information on our pricing can be found on our price list.

PRP is used for the treatment of hair loss, anti- wrinkle treatment, regeneration of the skin, revitalisation and collagen activation.

Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from the clients own blood. The special Technology enables us to focus on the client’s individual needs.

Only one treatment is necessary and the procedure is absolutely painlessly conducted during a twilight sleep. It is useful to take 4-5 days off to recover. Effusions of blood, redness and swelling may occur but these effects normally subside after a short time. In most cases the results are visible for 3 months.

Cell and stem cell therapy are subject to strict legislation in Switzerland. Therefore we offer an individual expertise service depending on the kind of therapy. Scientific evidence and safety for our customers has highest priority.

Further information

Video on PRP with Christopher Inglefield

The rapid recovery of Rafael Nadal's knee injury

The PRP method (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a gentle and innovative therapy for skin rejuvenation using one's own blood and has been successfully used in the Prevention Centre for some time. In contrast to wrinkle treatments with other types of filler, it is a long-term solution to a rejuvenated appearance. The PRP method has been used in medicine since the mid-1990s to achieve faster healing in injuries. This method has proven particularly successful in sports injuries and arthritic diseases. The PRP method was consequently introduced to the world of aesthetic medicine and developed into a popular and safe therapy for non-surgical skin rejuvenation, regardless of the area (face, neck, décolletage, hands, etc.).

In order to provide our customers with sufficient information, a detailed consultation is always made before the intervention. After a thorough investigation, the customer's data and wishes are carefully evaluated and a suitable therapy for the individual case is selected. If the customer wants a completely painless treatment, the procedure can also be carried out under sedation.

First, blood must be taken from the arm vein. Then, by means of a special centrifuge, plasma rich in blood platelets is obtained and appropriately processed. After about 20 minutes, the treatment can be continued and the biological filling material is injected into the selected area of the body. After only a few days, the first positive effects can be seen. There might be some minor swelling or bruising, but these usually disappear very quickly. The growth factors in the plasma start to renew skin cells after about one month and the skin is gradually rejuvenated and smoothed. To achieve a perfect result, three treatments performed in our practice are recommended.

PRP Cell therapy is a very gentle and low-risk procedure. As it is a non-surgical procedure, and uses the body's own organic material, complications and allergic reactions can be almost entirely excluded. Nevertheless, this surgery is not free from possible side effects. In rare cases, reddening and localised swelling may occur, which usually disappears after a few days.

Although the duration of this nonoperative surgery may vary from client to client, PRP Cell Therapy has a longer-term rejuvenation effect than other fillers, thanks to the growth factors of the blood plasma. In addition, allergic reactions can be excluded, as the treatment involves the body's own material. 

The cost of a PRP treatment in our practice amounts to 500 CHF per session. As we advise our customers to opt for three consecutive treatments for a perfect result, we also offer a combination package; this includes three treatments for 1200 CHF.

Are you interested in PRP Cell-Therapy at the Prevention Centre in Zurich? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone and arrange a non-binding consultation!


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