Mommy makeover

Dr Christian Köhler

Practising Doctor, MBA, Diploma in Health Economics, Certified Consultant and Managing Director

Natural results thanks to individually tailored treatment methods

Years of experience in cosmetic surgery

Detailed consultation and precise surgical planning

Facts about a mommy makeover

Treatment durationApprox. 4 hours (dependent on treatment scope)
AnaesthesiaGeneral anaesthetic
AftercarePhysical rest
PresentableAfter 2 weeks
ExerciseAfter 3 months; some patients wear a foundation garment for 6 weeks depending on surgery type and scope

The female body undergoes an incredible transformation during pregnancy, which – for the most part – forms back once the child is born. Some of the changes, however, take longer to reverse or become permanent, which can cause psychological suffering or physical issues for some women. By performing a mommy makeover at the prevention-center in Zurich, we help women affected by these issues to eliminate unwanted problem areas, optimise certain parts of their body and, in doing so, regain a sense of body positivity.

Benefits of a mommy makeover at the prevention-center in Zurich

  • Detailed personal consultation
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Outstanding hygiene and quality standards and state-of-the-art surgery
  • Minimally invasive techniques
  • High-quality materials and gentle – but above all safe – anaesthesia
  • Over 18 years’ surgical experience

FAQs about a mommy makeover

A mommy makeover optimises certain areas of the body transformed during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. These include in particular the stomach, hips, breasts and thighs, which may have changed shape and/or gained stubborn fatty deposits. Many mothers wish their body still looked the way it did before their child was born, longing to regain a firmer, sleeker silhouette. It may take one or more surgeries to achieve this.

A mommy makeover is a suitable choice for all women who feel unsatisfied with their body after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and who would like to optimise their physique in one or more areas. However, for the treatment to achieve lasting success, you should not plan to have further children and should have finished breastfeeding at least three months previously. This is because the mammary glands require several months to stop producing milk and regenerate. As a result, it is only possible to assess the state and shape of the breasts after a few months. You should also be reasonably close to your target weight (+/– 5 kg) and have maintained this weight for at least three months. It is also important to make sure that your family and friends will be able to support you in looking after your children for the period after the treatment.

That depends entirely on each customer’s individual wishes. The most common procedures included in a mommy makeover include abdominoplasty, liposuction, a breast lift, breast augmentation (using implants or autologous fat) and intimate surgeries.

You should be in good physical condition. If you smoke, you should avoid smoking for 4 weeks before and after the treatment for your own safety. Please inform us as early as possible of any pre-existing conditions or medication you take so that we can tailor your treatment plan precisely to your needs. You will not be able to take some medication before certain treatments; we will provide more detailed information during your consultation at the prevention-center in Zurich.

We hold a detailed personal consultation before providing any treatment. This appointment serves to learn what you feel are your problem areas and discuss your wishes and expectations. From there, we draw up a tailored treatment plan comprising the procedures required to achieve your desired optimisations.

Our treatment plans are determined by each patient’s circumstances and personal requests, so they can vary considerably. Some of the potential treatments must be performed under general anaesthetic, while others can be provided on an outpatient basis at the prevention-center in Zurich.

The aftercare recommendations also depend on the procedures included in the treatment plan. If you undergo surgical procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty or breast lifts, you will have to wear supporting compression clothing for the first few weeks. You should also avoid physically strenuous activities, such as sports and exercise. In addition to your treatment plan, we will also provide detailed aftercare instructions, including check-up appointments at the prevention-center in Zurich. Please follow these instructions to avoid complications and promote wound healing.

That depends on which procedures you undergo. While treatments like liposuction might use very fine cannulas that leave almost no visible scars, it is impossible to avoid scarring in treatments such as abdominoplasty and breast lifts. However, at the prevention-center in Zurich, we take the utmost care to ensure that incisions are made in the most inconspicuous locations possible so that they are barely visible or easy to conceal once healed.

Each surgical procedure entails certain risks. These include swelling and bruising, though such issues usually recede on their own within a matter of days. In rare cases, secondary haemorrhages or infections may occur. However, choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr Köhler – who adheres to outstanding hygiene standards – minimises the risk of complications.

After surgery, you should make sure to get enough rest so that your body can recover from the procedure. You may experience slight pain around the wound, though this can be treated effectively with standard painkillers.

You should also wear compression clothing for the first 6 weeks after the procedure to promote wound healing. During this time, you should not exercise and avoid other physically strenuous activities. Most patients are able to resume normal, non-strenuous everyday activities after a few days’ rest.

Every woman is unique – and so is every mommy makeover, with treatment plans comprising different procedures. Prices varies depending on the treatments involved, which makes it difficult to provide a blanket price. We would be happy to put together an individual treatment plan and offer for you, incorporating all your desired treatments.


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