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Facts about Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Duration30 mins
AnaesthesiaNumbing cream available upon request
AftercareNo special aftercare required; avoid exercise and sauna for 24 hours
Recovery timeNone
PreiseCHF 600: Treatment

Severe sweating can affect the individual body. Often excessive sweating limits social contacts both in the private and professional everyday life. Besides the surgical procedure of sweat gland suction the treatment of hyperhidrosis with botulinum toxin has established itself successfully in the last few years. The gentle alternative to suction-curettage effectively helps against extreme sweating and guarantees that the individual will gain self-confidence and openly engage with others. If deodorants and other products are not able to achieve clear improvement a treatment with botulinum toxin is the first step to a life without extensive sweating.

Botulinum toxin - particularly from the field of wrinkle treatment- can also be used against severe sweating. Botulinum toxin injections are applied to the affected parts of the body like armpits, hands, feet and possibly the chest. Prior to this, sweat glands are precisely located. The minimum dose of botulinum toxin is sufficient to stop the sweat production of sweat glands. Botulinum toxin prevents the transmitter Acetylcholine from stimulating the sweat production. Several injections are necessary in the areas being tested. To make your treatment as pleasant as possible an anesthetizing ointment will be applied to the areas affected. Especially patients who are very sensitive to pain will be given local anesthesia.

Which treatment options of hyperhiodrosis might be the best for you cannot be answered generally because both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. If you do not wish surgery, a treatment with botulinum toxin might be the best choice for you.

Further information about surgical treatments can be found under sweat gland suction.

CBPA-Test in Switzerland as of July Dear clients, I am pleased to inform you about interesting news regarding the botulinum toxin products which we use: The manufacturing company Allergan is proud to have recently granted regulatory approval for the world’s first and only cell-based test (CBPA-Test) for botulinum toxin Typ A. This cell-based test was specifically designed and makes animal testing in medical research redundant for the release of batches of botulinum toxin. These are the only available products with botulinum toxin in Europe where no animal tests have to be carried out anymore. The CBPA-Test of Allergan is a result of more than a decade of research and development. The first botulinum toxin batches are already in use that has been tested with the new cell-based system.

The result of a hyperhirosis treatment with botulinum toxin lasts between four and seven months. Because it is a gentle treatment no accompanying measures are necessary. In some cases extreme sweating could be alleviated permanently with botulinum toxin.

The treatment of excessive sweating with botulinum toxin offers you a gentle and non-invasive alternative to the suction of sweat glands. The surgical procedure of sweat gland suction promises lasting results while the treatment with botulinum toxin is a more gentle and pleasant way to reduce extensive sweating. If you choose the treatment with botulinum toxin new injections are necessary because the effect usually subsides after a few months. Botulinum toxin will be fully absorbed by the body and there are no negative consequences to fear. If the application of the substance is properly installed no undesirable effects will be expected. Long-term side-effects are not known.



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