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Facts on G-Shot for men

DurationApprox. 60 minutes
AnaesthesiaAnaesthetic cream or Dormicum
AftercareNot required
Exercise; sexImmediately; after 4 hours/td>
PricesCHF 1'900: G-Shot

A whole host of factors can negatively affect a man’s ability to perform sexually. Men affected by such issues often suffer a great deal due to their diminished virility, and search for methods to regain their libido for good. They are often reluctant to undergo surgical procedures because, as well as being painful, such operations often entail risks. The G-Shot is an effective, minimally invasive alternative to enhance a man’s ability to perform sexually with powerful, lasting effects.

In this procedure, we extract an amount of blood, prepare it and then inject it into the penis. This delicate method has become established practice over the years, is quite painless and does not involve any incisions or recovery periods. Autologous blood contains regenerative growth factors that promote blood flow in the penis and stimulate blood-vessel growth in the erectile tissue known as the corpus cavernosum. The G-Shot thereby initiates the body’s in-built healing process, which enhances a man’s ability to perform sexually.

Benefits of the G-Shot at the prevention-center in Zurich

  • Enhanced virility with lasting effects
  • Stronger penis and greater stamina
  • Harder, longer-lasting erections
  • Improved blood flow
  • Penis enlarged in length and girth
  • Enhanced sexual sensitivity
  • Reduced chance of premature ejaculation
  • Use of autologous materials excludes risk of allergic reactions
  • Painless, minimally invasive treatment method
  • Scientifically validated method proven to deliver results

FAQs about the G-Shot

The G-Shot is a highly effective treatment method to enhance male sexual performance. Rather than an operation, the treatment only involves administering a delicate injection with no need for incisions, anaesthesia or time to recover. Ageing processes and certain diseases can reduce a man’s sexual stamina and have a negative impact on their libido. The G-Shot offers a targeted solution to enhance male virility.

At our clinic, a G-Shot injection costs CHF 1'900. As well as the treatment itself, this price also includes consultation and check-up appointments.

The G-Shot is exclusively composed of active agents we collect from your own blood. This means the procedure is a natural treatment that draws on some special technical optimisations. Placing the blood in a centrifuge allows us to separate its solid and liquid components. We then inject the liquid components of the blood, known as PRP, into the penis without any additives.

PRP is a highly concentrated substance made up of healing and regenerative active agents. We harness this substance and inject it at specific sites in the male member. Ageing processes and illnesses can sometimes leave the corpus cavernosum, the erectile tissue, in need of restoration and healing. Once the autologous blood has been injected, its regenerative effects develop over the following weeks and significantly enhance the man’s ability to perform sexually.

Generally speaking, the G-Shot can be administered to any man seeking to improve their sexual stamina and enhance their libido. This autohaemotherapy instils a new intensity to a man’s sex life and can also remedy unwanted issues such as a limp or flaccid penis and premature ejaculation. In many cases, men notice after the injection that the therapy not only increases their stamina but also has a positive influence on factors such as the length and girth of their penis.

The G-Shot is particularly well suited to you if:

  • you would like to enhance your sexual stamina and libido
  • you want a longer, thicker penis
  • you have prostate complaints
  • you often ejaculate prematurely
  • you would like to reduce your intake of certain medications (e.g. Viagra) or even stop completely
  • you suffer from Peyronie's disease (chordeic penis)
  • you are not willing to consider a surgical procedure but would consider a more delicate method proven to deliver results

The G-Shot is a very safe treatment method. The injection is exclusively composed of autologous blood, without any additives. This excludes the risk of allergic reactions and other intolerance reactions. We use certified, sterile disposable instruments to prepare the blood.

Up to 10% of adult men suffer from Peyronie’s disease. It is often not possible to clearly distinguish the disease from other conditions, which can be problematic. The disease affects the connective tissue in the penis and causes damage through severe and chronic inflammation. This can lead to unpleasant indurations accompanied by skin retraction, pain when at rest, painful erections and erectile dysfunction. Men with Peyronie’s disease often suffer considerably, both physically and psychologically, as a result of the condition. Unfortunately, medication and surgical procedures offer little promise of success in treating the disease. The G-Shot, on the other hand, is particularly well suited to treating Peyronie’s disease, ideally in combination with shockwave therapy. The growth factors in the autologous blood can deliver their healing effects at the root cause of the inflammation and treat the issue with lasting results. To promote the treatment results, here at the prevention-center in Zurich, we can supplement a G-Shot treatment with expertly performed shockwave therapy.

At our clinic, we administer the G-Shot in an outpatient procedure that takes around an hour. No special preparation or aftercare is required on the part of the client. Dr Köhler will take plenty of time to examine your issues ahead of the procedure and answer any questions you might have. In the next step, we extract a small amount of blood and prepare it using special technologies to obtain the highly effective PRP. While the blood is centrifuged, we apply a numbing cream to the penis to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Once the anaesthetic cream has taken effect, we can inject the highly effective growth factors using a fine needle. As an established clinic, we can also perform the treatment under sedation or with Dormicum.

At our clinic, we accept all major debit and credit cards for treatment payments. A G-Shot is not part of the medical benefits catalogue, which means that health insurance providers will not cover the costs of the treatment.

Experience shows that our clients feel comfortable during the treatment and do not complain of any pain. Before administering the injection, we apply a numbing cream to desensitise the penis. The effects of the anaesthetic cream will last for around 30 minutes after the treatment.

To date, the G-Shot has not been known to cause any lasting side effects, which has established it as a highly safe treatment method. In rare cases, clients may temporarily experience slight bruising, redness or swelling around the puncture site.

Once you have been given the G-Shot, you can usually return to work and exercise again straight away. However, you should wait up to four hours before engaging in sexual activity.

Our clients usually feel very well directly after a G-Shot treatment. While some men experience slight swelling or itchiness for a short period after the treatment, this does not usually impair them in any way. Occasionally, clients experience heightened sensitivity in their penis following the procedure – which some even consider pleasant.

At our clinic, we do not require clients to attend check-up appointments in person. However, we will be keen to know how you feel after the treatment and how effective it has been in your case. With this in mind, we will arrange a telephone appointment after around 8 weeks, at which point you can tell us about your experience of the G-Shot.

Most of our clients say they are able to feel the results of the injection after a few days. However, it can take several weeks for the PRP to take hold and achieve its full effects.

In the world of medicine, it can often take a long time for procedures to become established. This primarily serves to ensure our clients’ safety, which is our top priority. Research into the possibilities of autohaemotherapy has been ongoing for 50 years. Numerous studies and medical procedures have demonstrated the efficacy of the G-Shot treatment, which allows us to use this form of therapy in cosmetic surgery without any hesitation. In turning to an experienced physician with state-of-the-art technology at their disposal, our clients can expect to achieve significant improvements. We would be happy to share our years of experience with you and discuss matters further in a comprehensive consultation.

The positive effects of PRP have become common knowledge over the years. Numerous clinics across Europe now offer such treatments. If you are seeking to enhance your ability to perform sexually, you should turn to an experienced specialist physician who has worked with autohaemotherapy for many years. Dr Köhler is well versed in PRP and shockwave therapy, having performed such treatments for more than 9 years.

Naturally, how long the treatment results last in a specific case will depend on the client’s individual situation and circumstances. Experience has shown, however, that our clients enjoy the positive results of the treatment for around 2 years.

As the G-Shot purely involves autologous material, the injections can generally be administered as often as desired.

Men can further enhance the effects of the treatment by using a penis pump. You should use it for several minutes, twice a day. In addition to PRP therapy, we also offer shockwave therapy at our clinic, which can help to further enhance a man’s ability to perform sexually.

As an established clinic, we exclusively use certified products made by leading manufacturers. Not all centrifuges are suitable for preparing PRP. To ensure the repair processes take place, 99% of the red blood cells must be separated out of the blood. A closed system also guarantees maximum security. When attending a consultation appointment at a clinic, you should ask about the centrifuge technology they use to ensure the highest quality standards.


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