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From liposuctiontummy tuck through to breast enlargement and intimate surgery: In the field of cosmetic surgery, the prevention-center in Zurich and Zug offers the most gentle and most effective methods of treatment. Our longstanding experience in cosmetic surgery enables low-risk operations, scarsaving cuts and harmonic results in the end. Our operating rooms within the Utoschloss in Zurich are equipped with the most modern surgical instruments and a relaxing atmosphere.

Most important for a successful operation is an experienced surgeon. Especially trained surgeons for the specific operations are the best precondition for a successful cosmetic surgery. Before and after an operation you will be looked after and cared for by our friendly team.

Our consultation is adjusted especially to your case, from the doctor or simply from person to person. Every treatment can involve risks and uncertainties - but those should be explained comprehensible without creating panic. Thanks to our longstanding experience, an extensive expert-network and a large number of successfully performed surgeries which have already been conducted in the prevention-center we we are able to provide you professional consultation you can rely on. Dr. med. Christian Koehler, MD has carried out

  • more than 3.500 eyelid lifts, over 4.000 breast surgeries, among many other cosmetic surgeries

Aesthetic treatments is the other specialisation we focus on at the prevention-center. Dr. Koehler and his team have realized the dream of our customers most beautiful self through

  • more than 50.000 wrinkle treatments with botulinum toxin and fillers
  • as well as several thousand hair removals and laser utilizations (CO2 Ultrafine, Cellulaze, Smartlipo, Elite Plus, Vectus, RevLite, tattoo removal with PicoSure, MonaLisa, Plasmage).

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