Intimate Surgery

Dr. med. Christian Köhler

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Facts on Intimate Surgery

MethodsG-Spot intensification, Labiaplasty,
Hymen reconstruction
Anaesthesialocal anesthetics with twilight sleep
Duration30-90 minutes
Exerciseno exercise for 1 week
After surgeryno intercourse for 4 weeks
PreiseCHF 3'900: Labiaplasty
CHF 2'500: Correction of the mons
CHF 2'000: Hymen reconstruction

Most women would like to have a fulfilled sex-life. If the anatomical conditions are not met or if women perceive their genital area as unaesthetic it is possible that women can’t enjoy their sex-life.

The term “intimate surgery” is more than just a passing fad because it can help women to a self-determined delightful sexuality. The field of genital surgery is a much greater area than labia reduction and augmentation of the labia. Not only do we perform operations like G-spot intensification and the correction of mons pubis, we also do hymen reconstructions at the prevention-center.

Most importantly for the operation in the intimate area is a confidential relationship between physician and patient. In a detailed consultation we will take time to answer all your questions concerning intimate surgery.

The G-spot lies four to five centimeters behind the vaginal opening in close proximity to the urethra. The G-spot is associated with enhanced pleasurable sensation and intense orgasms. Many women tell us they experience more pleasurable orgasms through vaginal stimulation than through clitoral stimulations.

How does the G-spot intensification work?

During the G-spot intensification this sensitive erogenous coin-sized zone is injected with hyaluronic acid or body fat to double the volume. Due to the treatment the G-spot can be stimulated intensely during sexual intercourse or other forms of stimulation. In about 70 per cent of patients treated the pleasurable sensation and the orgasm ability has been enhanced by this kind of treatment. An improvement of sexual experience however cannot be guaranteed because sexuality depends on physical and psychological factors.

After the operation

While the result of injections with hyaluronic acid lasts about six months it is very suitable for our patients to try out the effect of the G-spot intensification. However an injection with body fat leads to a lasting result. Both treatments are carried out under local anaesthesia. The little stitches heal quickly and normally don’t affect your everyday life. Sexual intercourse and sports activities which cause friction in the genital area (horse riding, cycling or jogging) are not advisable within two weeks after the injections.

Many women find it unaesthetic to have too much body fat on their mons pubis and they are ashamed of showing their genitals to their partner. A strongly pronounced mons pubis may be considered to be disturbing during a visit at the sauna or in some cases women are afraid that it can be seen by wearing too tight clothes. With the help of liposuction the appearance of the mons pubis will be significantly improved and is in harmony with the entire body.

How does the correction of the mons pubis work?

During the correction of the mons pubis excessive body fat will be reduced gently. For an aesthetically pleasing result some body-places are marked before the operation in order to recognize where body fat can be removed. The liposuction itself is performed under local anaesthesia or during a twilight sleep. Special small cannulas are injected into the subcutaneous tissue of the areas to be treated. After the liposuction small skin incisions are stitched and a special bandage is applied which supports the results later and prevents swelling.

After the operation

After the surgery moderate pain can occur within the next few days. To ensure an optimal healing process it is important that patients don’t perform any physically demanding activities or do any kind of exercise within the first days after the operation. Effusions of blood, reddening and swelling subside within a few days. The full result can be seen approximately three months after the procedure.

A woman’s virginity is very important in traditional societies especially in predominantly Muslim countries. Women who don’t have an intact hymen any more develop the wish to undergo a reconstruction. This operation is often carried out before a planned wedding. The hymen is a thin membrane at the vaginal opening which can differ individually in its form and size. During the first sexual intercourse the hymen will be damaged in most cases but also physical exertion such as exercise or accidents for instance can also be the reason for a torn hymen. A reconstruction of the hymen is not very complicated and normally a low pain treatment.

How does the reconstruction of the hymen work?

The operation is usually performed on an outpatient basis and either under local anaesthesia or in a short twilight sleep. The whole procedure lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The existing tissue of the hymen is reconstructed with the help of self-absorbing threads. If incisions are necessary they will be carried out with the help of a laser scalpel because this instrument allows the surgeon to work precisely.

After the operation

The hymen will have completely healed two or three weeks after the operation. If the operation was performed professionally an experienced physician won’t even realize any more that an operation has actually taken place. The reconstructed hymen lasts about one to two years after the operation. The hymen tears during sexual intercourse like the natural hymen does with a slight bleeding.


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