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Facts about autologous breast augmentation

Treatment Duration2-3 hours
AftercareApprox. 4 weeks
PresentableAfter approx. 1-2 weeks
ExerciseAfter approx. 6 weeks
PricesCHF 9,900

Many women regard an ample, feminine bust as a symbol of aesthetics and beauty. However, not all women are satisfied with their breasts and search for potential enhancements. One alternative to silicone implants is breast augmentation using autologous fat. This method, also known as natural fat transfer, has evolved continuously in recent years and now allows us to achieve small to moderate augmentations and compensate for slight asymmetries.

Benefits of autologous fat breast augmentation at the prevention-center

  • Modern breast augmentation method
  • First-rate operation with first-rate clinical standards
  • Individual planning based on customer’s desired results
  • Breast size increased by up to one cup size

Frequently asked questions about autologous fat breast augmentation

In this breast augmentation method, we take fat cells from a predetermined part of the body (usually the stomach, hips or buttocks), prepare the cells and then inject them into the breasts. The fat cells integrate into their new location, giving the breasts the desired added volume and enhancing their shape.

Breast augmentation using natural fat transfer is suitable for women looking for a small to moderate increase in the size of their breasts – but who want to avoid implants or have been dissatisfied with the results of implants in the past. This technique can increase the size of the breasts by up to one cup size. We can also use autologous fat to add volume to certain areas of the breasts, such as to compensate for small irregularities.

You must have sufficient fat tissue in other parts of your body that can be transferred to the breasts. However, this is usually the case, even for slim customers. The benefits of this method are obvious: we remove fat from an area the customer might find troubling and – after processing and preparing the fat tissue – inject it as a sort of natural breast implant. As a result, we can enhance two areas that might be troubling you at the same time at the prevention-center in Zurich.

Before every breast augmentation procedure, we hold a detailed personal consultation with the patient at the prevention-center in Zurich. We firstly use this opportunity to explore your wishes and expectations.

Then, we outline the potential ways that surgery can help you to realise your wishes while also protecting against unrealistic expectations. This is in no small part due to the fact that the risks of this procedure are low when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon.

We will explain exactly what the surgery involves and what you should bear in mind before and after the procedure. Of course, we will discuss the potential risks during the consultation and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

The surgery itself comprises two parts and is carried out under sedation. In the first step, we take fat from another area of the body where enough fat tissue is usually present. Suitable areas include the stomach, hips and buttocks. We use a special cannula to remove the fat. Once removed, we prepare the fat for injection, including cleansing and emulsifying it. In the second part of the operation, we inject the prepared fat directly beneath the breast skin using tiny incisions in the crease beneath the breast and around the areola. The benefit of injecting the fat into numerous small channels is that the fat cells immediately come into contact with the surrounding tissue, which promotes their integration.

After the operation, you should wear special compression underwear to support the areas from which the fat was taken. We will apply a gentle compression dressing to secure your breasts to begin with. However, patients usually only need to wear this for 1 or 2 days. You can then switch to wearing a sports bra. You should take it easy and avoid exercise for 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery to help the transferred fat integrate and heal. You will be able to resume light exercise after around 6 weeks.

You can help to ensure the operation runs smoothly by following our instructions on eating, drinking and avoiding nicotine in the run-up to the procedure. In some cases, you may need to stop taking medication for a period before the procedure. You should therefore inform us of any medication you take regularly or as required during your initial consultation with us at the prevention-center in Zurich. We will provide you with complete details of the anaesthesia administered during the procedure in a pre-operative consultation.

Before we perform a breast augmentation, we require an up-to-date mammogram with no contraindications and/or an ultrasound scan of the breasts.

You can promote the healing process by wearing the recommended body-shaping underwear to support the areas from which the fat tissue was taken – just as you would after a conventional liposuction treatment. However, you should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and could press on the injected autologous fat – especially in the days immediately after the operation. Take the time to rest, avoid physically demanding activities such as exercise, and try not to move your arms too much or too powerfully.

The injected fat will reduce in volume shortly after the operation, as not all of the transplanted fat cells will survive. So, to make sure that we achieve the desired results, we start by injecting slightly more fat cells than necessary. The breasts will achieve their final shape and form after around three months, by which time the remaining injected fat cells will be as stable as other body tissue.

The results will be presentable after 1 to 2 weeks, at which point you can get back to your usual routine. You should avoid exercise for around 6 weeks and then engage only in light physical activity to begin with.

In recent years, the use of natural fat transfers for breast augmentation has become a popular alternative to silicone implants. This is in no small part due to the fact that the risks of this procedure are low when performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

Following the procedure, you may experience redness, small bruises, swelling and slight numbness in the treated areas. You may also experience a feeling of tightness and/or pain. However, any such issues usually subside again quickly during the healing process.

A breast augmentation is a complex procedure. Given the unique anatomy of each individual, the treatment can differ significantly from patient to patient. It is therefore not possible to provide a universally applicable estimate. Instead, the price depends on several factors, such as the extent of the treatment. Of course, we would be happy to provide a tailored quotation for your treatment at the prevention-center in Zurich.


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