Secret® RF Micro Needling

Dr. med. Christian Köhler

Practising Doctor, MBA, Diploma in Health Economics, Certified Consultant and Managing Director

Individually adapted treatment concepts

Detailed advice and planning of the procedure

Constant further education and training

Facts about Secret® RF Micro Needling

DurationDependent on scope of treatment
AnaesthesiaNumbing cream available upon request
AftercareAvoid make-up on day of treatment
Recovery time1 day
PresentableAfter 2 days
PricesFrom CHF 300: Please consult the price list for detailed pricing information.

RF Micro Needling is a minimally invasive treatment method which ensures a visible and tangible rejuvenated skin. With this treatment the production of collagen is stimulated through thin needles. The effect of this unique method is scientifically proven.

The benefits of mesotherapy and radio frequency combines the Micro-Needling-System “Secret®” belonging to the medical company Deckert. Tiny needles penetrate into an accurately defined depth of the skin and produce impulses. The advantage of the treatment is that the penetration depth of needles can be exactly adjusted up to 0, 1 mm.

RF Micro Needling is not only effective against tired, dry skin which tends to form wrinkles but also against skin problems like wrinkles, enlarged pores, inelastic skin or scars. Also scars after acne respond well to the treatment.

Not only in the facial area, but also in other parts of the body, the micro needling treatment can be applied and ensures an improved skin condition. In this way large scars, like scars resulting from burns or stretch marks can also be treated with micro needling.

The tiny needles penetrate into the skin without leaving obvious traces on the surface. Only a short time later the tissue is starting to recover and to create collagen. But also the quantity of the energy released during the process and the pulse duration can be adjusted. The micro needling system can be applied to different parts of the body if necessary.

The final result can be seen a few weeks or even months after the treatment because the stimulated tissue restoration continues over a longer period.

The advantage of micro needling compared with other treatment methods like laser is that the uppermost skin is not removed and thus no undesirable effect will occur, like increased sensibility to UV light or pigment modifications.

This treatment is painless. For those who wish so, it is possible to apply crème for local anesthesia in order to make the respective skin part insensitive to pain.

A hand piece with tiny needles is carried gently over the treated skin areas. The micro wounds, which were caused as a result of the treatment, reach far down into the dermis. From the outside, however, they are not visible.

Furthermore short energy impulses are emitted into the tissue. The body’s own natural repair processes of skin cells are responsible for the regeneration of collagen and therefore a tissue restoration.

As requested active substances can be injected into the tissue during the treatment which leads to an instant tightening effect.

After a treatment with micro needling slight reddening of the skin are expected on the same day. Slight swellings may also occur but they will subside within a few hours. Effusions of blood and small scabs may also occur because of the deep penetration of the needles.

The treatment with micro needling is normally low-risk and very well-tolerated. However, for a brief period swelling and redness may appear. If active substances are incorporated into the skin, incompatibilities will occur in rare cases. After the treatment you should avoid sunlight on the treated area because pigmentary changes might occur. 


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