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Pricesfrom CHF 200: Permanent Make up Eyebrows

Would you like to have perfect makeup 24 hours a day? Would you like to emphasise your natural complexion or correct slight blemishes so that you look beautiful from the moment you get out of bed?

With permanent make-up, micropigmentation is used to apply a special skin-friendly pigmentation color to the skin through a wafer-thin needle that is quickly moved up and down. Precise micropigmentation requires professional expertise and reliable equipment.

Micropigmentation can completely rectify thin and/or irregular growth of eyebrow hair. This produces the kind of smooth and even eyebrow line that only makeup artists can usually achieve. Any scars in the eyebrows can also be camouflaged using micropigmentation. Eyebrows that have been too heavily plucked can also be corrected, guaranteeing a perfect, regular appearance.

using various colour combinations, micropigmentation makes it possible to alter the appearance and complexion of the eyes, and to beautify them. To create eyeliner, pigment is implanted between the individual eyelashes to give natural, full eyelashes. Eyes that are too small or too large can visually be brought into proportion with the rest of the face.

Micropigmentation can be used to achieve natural lip enhancement, or to add an additional accent to the contour of the lips. Correction of the lips to give a symmetrical appearance is a key function of micropigmentation. For the lips, you can choose between a slightly shaded lip contouring or a stronger full shadowing.

Professionalism and quality are the main requirements for perfect permanent makeup results. The devices we use offer the highest precision of needle guidance, which minimizes skin injuries. The digital control ensures a constant needle frequency even for different skin resistance. This is the only way to guarantee consistent guidance of the needle, and it ensures that all injections are exactly the same size and the same distance apart. This leads to a more beautiful result and to high-quality micropigmentation.

This procedure can also be used to conceal or repair older pigmentation. Contact us for a free consultation and we will put together an offer that is right for you.


Mr. Goran Filic is known throughout Europe as a specialist in permanent make-up (PMU). Thanks to constant further training at home and abroad, he has an exceptional know-how in the areas of permanent aesthetics, make-up, color and medical micropigmentation. In his academy he trains PMU stylists and pigment remover specialists of tomorrow. You can find more information about his services and prices here.


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