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Facts about jawline contouring

Duration10-30 minutes
AnaesthesiaLocal anaesthetic
AdmissionNot required (outpatient)
AftercareCooling the treated areas
ExerciseAfter approx. 1-2 days
PricesFrom CHF 800

Defined facial contours make a person look young, fresh and healthy. Above all, a defined jawline helps to create a clearly contoured profile. Yet, over the years – or even at a young age if a person is genetically predisposed – facial contours become less distinct. This often causes a person’s face to lose its shape and appear older. Small fat pads around the cheeks can also accentuate this change. One way to restore defined contours to your profile without surgery is through hyaluronic acid fillers. This exceptionally low-risk method is an effective way to compensate for small dells and irregularities, leaving facial contours attractive and clearly defined.

Benefits of jawline contouring at the prevention-center in Zurich

  • Treatment concepts individually tailored to achieve natural results
  • Exceptionally low-risk treatment method
  • Proven, highly effective and highly compatible fillers
  • Comprehensive consultation and planning for anti-wrinkle treatments
  • Outstanding hygiene and quality standards

Frequently asked questions about jawline contouring

Before the treatment itself, we always invite patients to a detailed consultation at the prevention-center in Zurich or Zug. This is an opportunity to explore your wishes and expectations and discuss how we could achieve this with the help of hyaluronic acid filler treatment. If you opt for jawline contouring, we will create a treatment concept tailored to you and determine the optimal dose of the substance.

On the day of the treatment, we will use a fine needle and blunt-tipped cannula to inject the hyaluronic acid in the appropriate areas along the jawbone and underpin your jawline You will benefit from stronger contours and a more clearly defined profile, which you and others will find particularly attractive. Adding definition to the jawline will also hide any slight unevenness, leaving you looking younger and fresher.

After jawline contouring treatment, you can get back to your everyday routine straight away. You will be able to leave our clinic straight away and can go about your daily routine as usual.

We use hyaluronic acid in jawline contouring and corrections. This is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body. It supplies the skin with moisture, making it smoother and more elastic. This leaves it looking radiant, fresh, young and healthy. It also has many practical applications: hyaluronic acid can retain large quantities of water and, as a natural filler, can therefore deliver its effects over a longer period – making it ideally suited to modelling certain facial areas and compensating for imperfections. Precise, targeted injections also help to create an attractive, more defined profile.

The Duration of treatment varies depending on the scope of treatment. At the prevention-center in Zurich, jawline contouring treatments usually take between 10 and 30 minutes.

We use a fine needle with a blunt-tipped cannula, making the treatment almost completely painless. Some customers experience slight tension around the puncture sites.

It is important to cool the treated areas shortly after the treatment to avoid redness and swelling at the puncture sites. No other aftercare is required beyond this and you will be able to go about your routine as normal immediately after jawline contouring. However, you should avoid exercise and other physically demanding activities for the first 1 or 2 days.

The first changes will be visible immediately after the treatment. You will be able to see the final results after a few days. In some cases, it may be necessary to arrange an additional treatment session to achieve optimal results.

It varies from person to person. For some customers, one treatment is sufficient, while others require a second treatment. If necessary, the second session should be held around 4 weeks after the first. Note: The results of hyaluronic acid filler treatments are not permanent because the body breaks down the substance over time. Regular refresher treatments are therefore necessary to maintain lasting results. We recommend that our customers arrange annual refresher treatments at the prevention-center in Zurich.

Jawline contouring is a very safe, low-risk procedure – especially when performed by established specialists, such as our practitioners at the prevention-center in Zurich. It uses hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the human body, which almost completely eliminates the risk of allergic reactions and intolerance reactions.

In rare cases, patients experience slight swelling, redness and small bruises around the puncture sites. However, these symptoms usually subside of their own accord soon after. Until then, you should be able to hide them effectively with a little make-up.

You will be able to return to your normal routine straight away. This means you can leave the prevention-center immediately after your treatment and do not need to spend any longer at our clinic. You can go about your everyday activities without any recovery period. However, you should avoid exercise and physical exertion for 1 or 2 days after the treatment.

The scope and complexity of the treatment depend on the initial findings and your desired results – as do the treatment costs. It is therefore not possible to provide a universally applicable estimate. However, at the prevention-center in Zurich, we will be happy to provide a precise quotation for your jawline contouring treatment following a personal consultation.


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