Hand rejuvenation with Radiesse

Dr. med. Christian Köhler

Practising Doctor, MBA, Diploma in Health Economics, Certified Consultant and Managing Director

Individually adapted treatment concepts

Detailed advice and planning of the procedure

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Facts about hand rejuvenation

DurationApprox. 30 mins
AnaesthesiaNumbing cream available upon request
AftercareFollow-up treatment 4 weeks after the first session
Recovery timeNone
PresentableAfter 24 hours
PriceCHF 800: Both hands

Not only face and neck, but also hands reveal the true age of a woman. Finally, our hands are often exposed to the weather without any protection, which also makes the skin look older than it actually is. The skin becomes thinner and less elastic, small wrinkles are being formed and the blood vessels become more obvious. For a younger and harmonious appearance, pretty and smooth hands are indispensable – particularly when treatments for facial wrinkles or face-lifts have already been carried out or if they are still planned. Our hand rejuvenation operation with innovative filler Radiesse is a useful addition if you want to look younger.

Signs of visible skin ageing are a matter of progressing collagen reduction. The filling material Radiesse is perfectly suitable to compensate volume losses on the back of the hand. Radiesse will be injected into the back of the hand and provides more volume. This procedure also smoothes the skin and the hands appear beautifully youthful. In contrast to other filling materials Radiesse is not completely absorbed by the body, but it is rather replaced progressively by the body’s own collagens. A further advantage of the hand rejuvenation operation with Radiesse is that the filler with calcium-hydroxylappatit particles is identical to a substance which is naturally present in our bones. Therefore allergic reactions are almost impossible.

The effect depends on their individual conditions. As a rule, the durability is up to 12 months. Then a repeated treatment is necessary. The treatment can be repeated as often as desired.

A small amount of filling material is injected with a cannula directly into the skin. Normally after one single treatment visible results can be achieved. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Depending on your sensitivity to pain, you might feel any or only minor pain. If necessary or desired a crème can be applied in advance for local anaesthesia. Within one or two days after the treatment no impairments will be expected. Four weeks after the hand rejuvenation with Radiesse a further treatment will take place. Optional existing pigmentation spots, so called age spots, can be removed by a laser to enhance the rejuvenating effect.

Please let us know

  • if you have already used other anti-wrinkle products (many preparations cannot be combined with one another)
  • if you have taken any blood-thinning medication in the 7 days prior to treatment (e.g. medication containing acetylsalicylic acid, vitamin E or medication or preparations containing gingko, including multivitamin preparations. These can increase the risk of haematoma (effusions of blood) after treatment
  • if you occasionally suffer from fever blisters/cold sores, as injection into a particular area could trigger a new outbreak
  • if you are aware of any allergy to injectable fillers
  • if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding as it is not advisable to undergo treatment in this instance

Many clients have their treatment done at the end of the day. If possible small irritations are covered afterwards, the treatment might not be noticed by colleagues for instance- except the desired positive effect.

Treatments with Radiesse are very secure because the filler with the used micro particles is identical to a substance which is naturally present in our bodies. The majority of the patients treated with Radiesse are very satisfied with the result. Notable side effects occur only rarely. However, after the treatment injection reactions can appear like swellings, redness or pain which usually subsides within a few days. To obtain further information on risks and side effects of Radiesse please contact your treating physician.


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