G-Shot for women

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Facts on G-Shot for women

DurationApprox. 60 minutes
AnaesthesiaAnaesthetic cream or Dormicum
AftercareNot required
Exercise; sexImmediately; after 4 hours
PricesCHF 1'900: G-Shot

Sexual dysfunction and difficulty achieving orgasm are issues that can also affect women and seriously impair their enjoyment and experience of sex. Around 50% of adult women suffer from sexual dysfunction, including issues such as vaginal dryness, difficulty reaching orgasm, incontinence and pain. More than 70% of women would like to improve their sex life.

The G-Shot is part of our extensive repertoire of treatments. As a modern and natural treatment, the G-Shot offers women the opportunity to enhance their sexual function and ability to achieve orgasm while alleviating complaints such as pain during intercourse and incontinence.

Benefits of the G-Shot at the prevention-center in Zurich

  • Preventive treatment to promote sexual health
  • Toned and rejuvenated skin in the labia and in the intimate region, as well as a tighter vaginal entrance
  • Restoration of biological sexual function
  • Heightened libido and enhanced ability to reach orgasm
  • Revitalisation of the pelvic floor
  • Minimisation of incontinence and pain during intercourse
  • Scientifically proven method free from chemicals or surgical intervention

FAQs about the G-Shot

The G-Shot harnesses the body’s in-built regeneration processes. It involves administering highly concentrated healing and growth factors previously collected from the client’s blood plasma to treat female sexual dysfunction. This stimulates a pronounced revitalisation at the puncture site.

At our clinic, an G-Shot treatment costs CHF 1'900. As we strive to tailor the treatment as well as possible to your needs, the initial consultation appointment is also included in this price.

The G-Shot is a completely natural procedure using exclusively autologous materials. Your blood is the basic material from which we collect the necessary factors for regeneration. We use a proven technical procedure to separate the liquid and solid components of the blood. The blood plasma – that is to say, the liquid component of blood – forms the basis of the G-Shot. It contains valuable growth factors that naturally promote the body’s in-built regenerative functions.

In principle, the G-Shot is suitable for all clients because, thanks to the natural substances involved, people with allergies and particularly sensitive women also tolerate the treatment well. As a result, we can administer this form of therapy to women of all age groups who might come to us with different indications.

The G-Shot could be particularly suitable if:

  • you are looking for a preventive treatment to promote your sexual health
  • you would like enhanced clitoral stimulation
  • you want a more toned, rejuvenated vulva with a tighter vaginal entrance
  • you are seeking to restore your biological sexual function
  • you want to reach orgasm more easily
  • you would like to experience more frequent, more intense orgasms
  • you want to enhance your libido
  • you experience pain during intercourse
  • you suffer from vaginal dryness
  • you are searching for a natural, minimally invasive method to treat incontinence
  • you would like to revitalise your pelvic floor
  • you suffer from lichen sclerosus or lichen planus in the genital region
  • you are searching for a well-founded, effective therapy to improve your sexual function

Lichen sclerosus is a severe, chronic inflammation in the genital region that is often difficult to diagnose. Our experience administering the G-Shot treatment has been positive; women with this disease are ideally suited to this form of treatment. Prolonged use of medications such as cortisone can result in even fatal side effects. They can cause a thinning of the skin in the affected areas, so that the anal or genital region becomes more sensitive, irritated and reddened. This affects the mucous membranes, which results in considerable pain. PRP, the substance used in the G-Shot, contains healing factors that combat the cause of lichen sclerosus. Our clinic’s experience has shown that the G-Shot treatment can be used in a targeted manner to treat lichen sclerosus and achieve lasting results. We recommend having the injection administered on a regular basis to support long-lasting healing.

Here at the prevention-center in Zurich, we administer the G-Shot on an outpatient basis. No special preparation or aftercare is required from our clients. Before collecting some blood from you and administering the injection, Dr Köhler will explain the entire treatment procedure to you in detail. Once all of your queries have been cleared up, we can extract the quantity of blood required and prepare it for injection. We also apply a numbing cream so that you will hardly feel anything of the injection. As soon as this has taken effect, we can inject the regenerative growth factors in the treatment area. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technical equipment, we can also administer short-term sedative for clients who would prefer a stronger anaesthetic. The individual treatment steps only take a few minutes; you should allow around an hour for the entire treatment at our clinic.

At our clinic, we accept both cash and card payments. In most cases, health insurance providers do not cover the costs.

At the prevention-center in Zurich, we have many years of experience administering treatment that by far surpasses the capacities of conventional anaesthesia. As a rule, our clients feel comfortable throughout the treatment and do not complain of any pain. We apply a numbing cream that desensitises the treatment area. We can also administer the injection under sedation for clients who are particularly sensitive or who feel nervous about the procedure. The numbing effect of the anaesthetic cream usually lasts for up to an hour after the injection.

To date, we do not know of any side effects of the G-Shot therapy. The injection is considered very safe; on rare occasions, clients may experience minimal redness, swelling or bruising for a short time around the puncture sites. If you experience after-bleeding, we will provide you with a panty liner. There are no known lasting side effects.

Autohaemotherapy is a very delicate procedure that does not require any significant aftercare. Our clients usually feel well after the injection and can return to work or partake in exercise on the same day. You should wait until the effects of the anaesthetic cream have worn off before engaging in sexual activity.

Our clients usually feel well immediately after the treatment. Swelling may develop temporarily around the injection site; if it does, the area will also be particularly sensitive. While this heightened sensitivity may linger in the days that follow, it is not usually considered unpleasant.

At our clinic, we do not require clients to attend check-up appointments. However, as we will be keen to hear about the success of your treatment, we will schedule a telephone call for around 8 weeks after the injection. This follow-up telephone consultation is free of charge for you.

Generally speaking, our clients report that they can feel the initial changes from the G-Shot just a few days after it is administered. Nevertheless, it takes a few weeks for the injected material to stimulate the body’s in-built regenerative functions and take full effect.

Exactly how long the results of the G-Shot will last depends on the individual and their specific issues that the therapy aims to treat. We strive to achieve particularly long-lasting results. If you experience diminished sensitivity following the treatment, the G-Shot can be administered again without any issues. In our experience, however, our clients can expect the results to last for around 2 years.

In medicine, it often takes a long time for new therapeutic procedures to become established. This is due to the safety requirements, which is our top priority. The topic of PRP has already been the subject of research for more than 50 years. Following a lengthy development phase and numerous studies, the G-Shot can now be used in the field of cosmetic surgery as a safe and effective treatment. Despite this, when selecting a practitioner to perform the treatment, it is essential to select an experienced cosmetic surgeon who has worked with such innovative procedures for many years.

Even though the G-Shot represents a highly safe procedure, we advise pregnant women against such treatments. The health of a mother and her child always takes priority and should not be risked under any circumstances. At our clinic, we also refuse to provide treatments to breastfeeding mothers.

Generally speaking, an G-Shot can be administered at any time. However, women are sometimes more sensitive to pain during their period – and, with this in mind, we would not recommend that women on their period undergo the treatment.

Following a treatment, it is generally advisable to wait awhile before undergoing other procedures. With this in mind, we recommend waiting around four weeks after the surgery before undergoing an G-Shot treatment.


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