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SculpSure™ Fat Reduction

Unwanted love handles are regarded as unattractive by many people and can sometimes interfere with one's emotional wellbeing. Until now, only proven surgical procedures such as liposuction were used to reduce dietary fat deposits. SculpSure ™ is the world's first non-invasive treatment method for fat reduction (lipolysis) and is now available. Thanks to the new laser treatment, stubborn areas of fat on hips and thighs can be permanently and effectively reduced. SculpSure ™, the clinically proven and safe method from the USA, does not require surgery and has a significantly reduced treatment time. The Prevention Centre in Zurich is the first provider of SculpSure ™ technology in Europe.


The Prevention Centre, Zurich is one of the first hospitals in Europe to have the revolutionary LD SculpSure ™ laser. The newest generation of laser technology allows the gentle remodelling of the abdomen, thighs and flanks and restores the body silhouette to a harmonious balance. The innovative process is particularly effective at reducing undesired fatty deposits in localised problem zones. Treatment with the LD SculpSure ™ laser is not intended to replace a suitable weight loss program. Overweight people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30 are unfortunately not suitable for this new method of treatment. The non-invasive laser treatment is suitable for all types of skin and carries almost no risks.


Laser technology works with strongly focused light in different wavelengths. Depending on the selected wavelength, the laser beams act on different cell structures. The LD SculpSure ™ laser has a wavelength of 1060 nm and is set exactly to the structure of fetal cells. The ultra-modern laser device has an applicator which is guided over the body to the correct zones. The device delivers precisely targeted laser energy to the tissue. The high-frequency laser beams heat the fetal cells to 42 - 47 degrees Celsius and destroy them without affecting the surrounding tissues. The dissolved fetal cells are gradually broken down by the lymphatic system and the metabolism and are eliminated from the body.



In the run-up to the event, we will hold a personal consultation with the patient so that their individual wishes and ideas can be discussed in detail. Transparency is the first requirement - we provide detailed information about the treatment process, talk about the expected results and answer any possible questions. As with any laser treatment, the customer should not expose their skin to intense sunlight a few days before the procedure. Another prerequisite is that the skin is intact and healthy at the body zones to be treated.


The highly efficient method of gentle body shaping offers unprecedented advantages compared to conventional liposuction. Many people are sceptical about the methods. Treatment with the LD SculpSure ™ laser does not require surgical intervention and is almost painless. In addition, there is no recovery period, patients can immediately resume their daily activities as normal. In addition, treatment times are substantially shorter than liposuction at around 25 - 30 minutes. Laser therapy has a positive effect on existing cellulite (orange peel skin). The destruction of the fetal cells actually stimulates the tissue to form new collagen - the skin appears much firmer over time. Treatment with the LD SculpSure ™ laser achieves lasting results since once destroyed fetal cells can not regenerate or regrow. According to scientific studies, an average reduction of fat deposits by 24 percent can be expected. More than 90 percent of patients are satisfied with the outcome.


Since the dissolved fetal cells are only gradually degraded by the body, it takes some time for the results to show. After about six weeks, a significant reduction in the fat deposits is noticeable. The optimal result is reached after about 12 weeks.


Because SculpSure ™ is a procedure that does not require surgery, risks and side effects can be almost completely ruled out. As with any laser treatment, skin reddening can occur on the treated skin areas, but this disappears rapidly. Sometimes tiny dot-like patches are formed, similar to an abrasion, which also recede after a few days. For questions or a consultation on laser fat reduction with SculpSure ™, please feel free to contact us. You might also be interested in:

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