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Permanent Hair Removal

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Experience the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin! Hair removal is performed using the latest pulsed light technology and is tailored to your specific needs. The treatment breaks down hair follicles and growth cells, stopping new hair from growing. A special cooled sapphire tip ensures gentle and comfortable treatment in all areas.

Hair Removal Technology

The technology involved in this treatment is a progression of laser technology, combined with the benefits of pulsed light treatment.

In contrast with the monochrome light of a laser, PLS3 pulsed light technology uses a broader spectrum of wavelengths. This light is applied using a glass prism (sapphire) and is absorbed by the melanin contained within the hairs. It is then directed to the roots where it is transformed into heat, permanently destroying the hair follicle. This is referred to as the principle of selective photothermolysis. The important aspect is to reach the growth area in the hair root to ensure that no new hair can form.


Your hair will begin to drop out just 1-2 weeks after the first treatment. For permanent hair removal, it is best to reach the hair during the growth phase. This means that you can expect a lasting reduction of 10-30% after every treatment. You should expect to have an average of 4-8 treatments.

The ideal interval between treatments is 6-8 weeks, as this corresponds to the hair growth cycle.

After the hair removal

The skin's natural protection against sunlight is reduced after an intensive pulsed light treatment. You should therefore use a sun lotion with a high SPF to protect you from sunlight for one week.

Risks & Side Effects

A few areas of the body react more sensitively than others, and patches of redness may occur on the skin. This redness normally subsides after a few hours, but on occasion it may have the same intensity as sunburn and remain for a few days. In very rare cases a slight crusting may occur, but this should heal quickly.