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Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction

In Switzerland alone, according to an estimate by the Society of Urology, 500,000 men suffer from erectile dysfunction. The age groups between the ages of 60 and 79 are particularly affected, but younger men can also be affected by erectile dysfunction. According to a study by the University Hospital Zurich, 17.5 percent of men between the ages of 24 and 26 have erectile dysfunction. The main cause of the condition is damage to the blood vessels in the penis. The reduced blood flow to the penis can result in an inability to achieve erections or a lack of hardness when erect. Shockwave therapy offers an innovative treatment option to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and significantly increase the blood flow to the penis.

Linear shockwave technology has already been used successfully for several years as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, this innovative therapy has also achieved success in treating men with other forms of sexual dysfunction or who suffer from chronic prostatitis, chordeic penis (Peyronie’s disease or induratio penis plastica) or chronic pain in the pelvis.

Benefits of shockwave therapy at the prevention-center in Zurich

  • Painless treatment with no known side effects
  • Brief therapy sessions last just 30 minutes
  • Over 80% success rate and satisfaction on treatment completion
  • No recovery time after therapy
  • Many years of practical experience
  • Established practice with a modern ambience

FAQs about shockwave therapy

What exactly is shockwave therapy?

Although shockwave therapy has been used in non-surgical treatment for many years, it is only in recent years that it has come to be used to treat erectile dysfunction and is, therefore, still a relatively new treatment method. Medical reports have verified the positive results of this application – and its popularity as a treatment for male impotence is now growing internationally. At our clinic, our shockwave therapies not only treat the symptoms but, above all, address the root cause.

What are the benefits of shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy has enjoyed growing popularity in recent years in light of the benefits it offers. Our clients profit above all from the painless nature of a treatment with no known side effects. Shockwave therapy can easily be integrated in a person’s day-to-day life as a session only takes around half an hour and does not require any recovery time. More than 80% of the men we treat tell us they are pleased with the treatment results.

Why should I consider shockwave therapy?

Our shockwave therapy device has a specially developed transducer that sets it apart from other such technologies. It not only allows us to treat the external, visible section of the corpus cavernosum in a painless procedure, but also allows us to treat deeper-lying erectile tissue. How hard a man’s erection is, is directly connected to the flow of blood to the inner erectile tissues. The shockwave therapy we administer at our clinic promotes blood flow in the penis and stimulates the formation of new blood vessels. Autologous stem cells are activated, thereby naturally promoting the regeneration of nerve cells and the tissues that make up the corpus cavernosum.

How much does shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction cost? Will my health insurance provider cover the costs?

At our clinic, you can pay the outstanding balance immediately after the treatment either in cash or using all major debit and credit cards. Health insurance providers are not able to cover the costs of shockwave therapy. Billing based on the Swiss TarMed tariff system is therefore also not possible.

Here at the prevention-center in Zurich, four shockwave therapy sessions cost CHF 1900 including consultation and aftercare appointments. Alternatively, you can book eight sessions for CHF 3400.

How often will the treatment need to be repeated?

In around 90% of cases, erectile dysfunction is caused by vascular changes in the penis. We can use shockwave therapy as a targeted treatment to counter the main cause of this. According to the latest medical research, in the majority of cases, the advisable treatment scope is 4 to 8 sessions at weekly intervals or with 2 sessions per week.

What does shockwave therapy involve?

We perform shockwave therapy on an outpatient basis at our clinic. As a general rule, the treatment takes no longer than 30 minutes and is both painless and straightforward for our clients. No side effects have been identified to date and, as a result, shockwave treatment is considered very safe. It usually takes a short time for the results to become apparent. You can expect to see the final treatment results around 6 to 8 weeks after the start of the therapy.

Is shockwave therapy painful?

Shockwave therapy is completely painless.

Is shockwave therapy genuinely safe?

Shockwave therapy is a very safe treatment method. To date, we have not identified any side effects at our clinic. This is in part because we draw on the safest, state-of-the-art technologies on the market that have undergone extensive testing. Our new applicator has been specially designed for treatments involving the penis and has been approved by all authorities.

What do I need to consider after shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy does not require any recovery time and does not restrict our clients’ lives in any way. Generally speaking, you will be able to exercise and engage in sexual activity straight away.

Will I need check-ups?

While our clients are not required to attend check-ups, we would be delighted to hear from you around 8 weeks after the start of your therapy so we can discuss how successful the treatment has been in your case. If necessary, we could also discuss the potential for further follow-up treatments.

Who could benefit from shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a suitable treatment method for most of our clients suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, clients must meet some of the following criteria:

  •  Main cause of erectile dysfunction is vascular changes
  • You want to strengthen your penis and prevent any dysfunction
  • You would like longer, harder and longer-lasting erections
  • You suffer from chordeic penis (Peyronie’s disease or induratio penis plastica)
  • Following a preliminary examination with a urologist, you suffer from regular pain and complaints in the pelvis, such as chronic non-bacterial prostatitis
  • You want to improve your sexual stamina and enhance your sexual enjoyment
  • You would like to stop taking erectile dysfunction medications in future
  • You’re looking for a natural, pain-free therapy


Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Would you like to improve your sexual stamina? We use modern shockwave therapy with an innovative applicator to treat shockwave therapy. Arrange an appointment at our clinic using our contact form, by telephone (0848 400 800) or via WhatsApp – we’d be happy to advise you!