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LPG - Lymphatic Drainage

Local fat accumulation? Stubborn cellulite? Slackening skin? A revolutionary technique: 1.180 fractioned micro- stimulations per dm²: Thanks to the fractioned suction of the rollers the skin is treated at each pass with 1180 micro stimulations per dm².Together with the central suction, treatments are possible even for thick skin and can be carried out without use of any great force.

LPG is a patented technology with different treatment heads in form of rollers. They ensure a multi dimensional stimulation massage because of their many small cell indentations, the so-called micro- alveoli (Multi Micro Stimulation Alveolaire MMSA).

About LPG

3 effects- for a convincing result

  1. Mechanical tension: also on large surfaces of fiber structure
  2. Micro-stimulation: on either side of the skin fold between the rollers
  3. Bio-mechanical stimulation: through alveolar suction of tissues

The effect

  • Slackening skin: Lifting effect for a skin with greater density, suppleness and charisma
  • Facial contour: New modeling of face for harmonic contours
  • Cellulite: The micro-alveolar treatment supports the liquid exchange and simulates the lipolyse
  • Wrinkles: Decrease of lines and wrinkles in sensitive areas
  • Contours: LPG creates a refinement of your silhouette for harmonic body shapes
  • Wrinkles: Decrease of lines and wrinkles in sensitive areas

The cellular structures of micro-alveoli by LPG have an intensive effect on fibroblasts (cell of fibrous connective tissue) and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen fiber. The facial treatment LPG is very effective for the restructuring of connective tissue and for the decrease of wrinkles and slackening skin. Draining effects on microcirculation nourishes the skin and supplies body cells with oxygen for a fresh appearance.

The multi-micro stimulation of the face is a unique facial treatment with multi micro stimulation and is efficient and pleasant at the same time through the use of new patented micro treatment heads by LPG. The activity of fibroblasts is reinforced by the fractioned suction of the skin with the help of mini micro heads. It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen synthesis.

The new treatment heads allow a precise effect on all zones of the face, neck, clivedge and other parts which are difficult to access.

  • 1 Head Robodomi: the smallest motorized head in the world.
  • 1 Carrier Robomicro with 3 interchangeable micro- heads: for a precise treatment of narrow passages.

LPG Treatment

the treatment consists of a "Base"- and "Focus"-program. The "base"-program lasts approximately 20 minutes and follows a certain goal e.g. cellulite. This is followed by the "Focus"-program for the special trouble-shooting like saddlebags. The complete treatment includes 8-12 sessions. They can be spread out in time or they can take place in combination with a one-week stay in a SPA or a daily thalassotherapy. The LPG technology is a non-invasive treatment. Therefore local anesthesia is neither necessary nor general anesthesia.

After the first treatment, results are recognizable.

Three steps of the LPG treatment - face:

  1. Drainage: skin issue will be prepared for the treatment.
  2. Smoothing: smoothes lines and wrinkles. Tightens facial contours for a real lifting effect.
  3. Streamlining: for an improved skin density and removal of wrinkles. A new definition of lip contours ensures harmonic facial contours.

Reasons why

  • Unique patented technology worldwide.
  • 1.180 micro-stimulations per dm².
  • Non-invasive treatment methods with unbelievable results.
  • Initial results are already recognizable after one session.
  • Different treatment heads for optimal results.
  • Scientific stuides show excellent effects.
  • Great success in France. There it is used in more than 30 institutes.