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Teeth Bleaching

SMILITE is an innovative professional teeth bleaching system. Compact and efficient, it lightens teeth using a special ergonomic illuminator. It is the perfect way to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth - and the quickest and safest way to a bright, gleaming smile. Even years of discolouration from coffee, tea, cigarettes and red wine can be gently erased using SMILITE, giving you a bright, gleaming smile that lasts..

Teeth Bleaching

Tooth discolouration is different from plaque in that staining substances become trapped underneath the surface of the tooth within the enamel and dentine, and they cannot be removed simply by brushing. External tooth cleaning is no longer able to reach the discolouration. However, it is sensible to have your teeth cleaned professionally before a whitening treatment because it is only possible to assess the "true" colour of a tooth when it is free from plaque. The subsequent whitening treatment will then have a better effect on the substances in the teeth.

Tooth discolouration is chiefly caused by stains from foodstuffs and red wine, tea, tobacco and coffee. The effects of a teeth whitening treatment are therefore not permanent, but in some cases they can last for years. The duration of the result depends mainly upon the quality of the patient's oral hygiene, and on regular professional plaque removal. If the teeth become darker after a year, or several years, refreshment treatments are possible.

What can SMILITE do?

One SMILITE procedure can leave teeth up to 2 color grades whiter, while being gentle on the surrounding tissue and gums. The treatment lasts 45 minutes and is pain free. Treatment is also possible for sensitive teeth. Stained and unsightly teeth are returned to a natural gleaming smile: quickly, gently and safely. Freshly treated teeth may react sensitively to sweet and sour substances, and can also be temperature sensitive. These side effects are only temporary and subside within a few days of treatment.