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Because health insurances do not bear the costs for our services in the sections beauty, aesthetics and surgeries, we offer you the opportunity to finance the costs of your treatment. Through monthly rates you can easily balance them via Cashmed.  

Financing treatments in the Prevention Center Zurich

Furthermore we would be happy to comprehensively inform you about our prices and financing possibilities during a personal consultation.




Permanent Hair Removal with CLARITY II  
Upper lip & chin CHF 100
Neckline CHF 200
Face CHF 200
Armpits CHF 100
Upper arms CHF 200
Lower arms CHF 200
Hands CHF 100
Chest from CHF 200
Belly from CHF 200
Back & shoulders CHF 500
Bikini small CHF 150
Bikini large CHF 200
Buttocks CHF 200
Upper legs CHF 350
Lower legs CHF 250
Legs CHF 500
Legs, Bikini large, Armpits and Lower arms only CHF 800 instead of 1.000
Face CHF 300
Eyelids CHF 200
Neck / Cleavage CHF 200
Belly CHF 300
Upper Arms CHF 300
Thigh & Bottom CHF 500
Thigh & Bottom, partly CHF 400
Against Hair Loss CHF 400
Face, Neck & Cleavage CHF 500
Micro Needling Secret® RF  
RF Needling CHF 800
3 times CHF 2'000
Neck CHF 400
Cleavage CHF 400
Combi Prices on request
Cryolipolysis (Zug)  
1 Zone CHF 500
2 Zones CHF 800
Fatreduction with SculpSure® (Zurich)  
Belly CHF 1.200
Flanks CHF 1.200
Saddlebags CHF 1.200
Inner thigh CHF 1.000
Post check per session CHF 700
Knee CHF 700
LPG Cellu M6 Laser - Lymphatic Drainage  
Face CHF 100
Face (10 times) CHF 800
Body CHF 150
Body (10 times) CHF 1.200
Additional area CHF 50
Tattoo removal with Picosecond Laser (Zurich)  
Indication of price possible after delivery of a photo  
Wrinkle Treatment with Picosecond Laser (Hollywood-Peel) (Zurich)  
Facetreatment per session CHF 200
Package (4x) CHF 600
MonaLisa Touch® - Laser (Zurich)  
Per session CHF 500
3 sessions (recommended) CHF 1.200
Labia single treatment CHF 300
Skin Regeneration with LaseMD™  
Face with vitamin A CHF 480
Face and neck with vitamin A CHF 880
Face, neck and décolleté with vitamin A CHF  1.000
Face with vitamin C CHF 480
Face and neck with vitamin C CHF 880
Face, neck and décolleté with vitamin C CHF 1.000
Face with Tranexamic CHF 480
Face and neck with Tranexamic CHF  880
Face, neck and décolleté with Tranexamic CHF 1.000
Face with Resveratrol CHF 600
Face and neck with Resveratrol CHF 1.000
Face, neck and décolleté with mit Resveratrol CHF 1.150
Face with vitamin A, C or Tranexamic once CHF 480, package price 5 treatments 2.000
Face with Resveratrol once CHF 600, package price 5 treatments CHF 2.500
Face and neck with with vitamin A, C or Tranexamic once CHF 880, package price 5 treatments 3.800
Face and neck with Resveratrol once CHF 1.000, package price 5 treatments CHF 4.400
Face, neck and décolleté with vitamin A, C or Tranexamic once CHF 1.000, package price 5 treatments 4.400
Face, neck and décolleté with Resveratrol once CHF 1.150, package price 5 treatments CHF 4.800
Wrinkle treatment using Botulinum Toxin  
Frown wrinkles CHF 300
Forehead & Frown wrinkles CHF 500
Crow's feet CHF 300
Forehead & Crow's feet CHF 700
Brows CHF 400
Chin CHF 200
Upper lip CHF 100
Neck CHF 400
Cleavage CHF 400
Further treatments with botox®  
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) CHF 400
Bruxism CHF 500
Tinnitus, aching feet in high heels upon consultation
Wrinkle treatment using Filler (Hyaluronic Acid)  
Nasolabial CHF 500
Lips CHF 500
Mouth wrinkles CHF 400
Cheeks from CHF 800
Softlift with botox® and filler from CHF 2.000
Forehead, frown wrinkle, eyes sideways  
in combination with filler  
(Nasolabial or lip augmentation) only CHF 1.000 instead of CHF 1.200
Radiesse Handrejuvenation CHF 800
Spider Veins  
(3-4 sessions recommended)  
Both legs (completly) CHF 500
Follow-up CHF 200
Smaller zones according to effort
Body Lifting EM-Sculpt®  
Per session (belly, bottom, arms, legs) CHF 550
4 sessions CHF 2.000
10 sessions CHF 4.500
Hyperhidrosis (Sweating) treatment using Botulinum Toxin  
Botulinum toxin-treatment 500 CHF
Sweat gland suction 5.000 CHF
PRP (Blood plasma) / Vampire Lift  
PRP 1 session CHF 500
Cocktail (botox®, filler, PRP) CHF 1.800
Further offers on request
Thread Lift  
Thread Lift CHF 1.500
Further prices on demand
Lip augmentation  
Lip augmentation with filler CHF 500
Hand rejuvenation with Radiesse  
Incl. follow-up CHF 1.000
Anti Aging by TimeBlock®  
1 pack a 120 capsules CHF 294
Treatment CHF 1.500
Treatment CHF 1.500
Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction  
4 sessions CHF 1.990
8 sessions CHF 3.490


Eyelid Correction  
Upper Eyelids CHF 2.490
Lower Eyelids from CHF 3.490
Combination CHF 4.990
Facelift from CHF 15.000
Breast Surgeries  
Breast enlargement mybreast CHF 4.990
Breast reduction CHF 8.500
Breast lift CHF 8.500
Price-Variances possible  
Prices dep. on effort
Arms CHF 3.000
Saddlebags CHF 6.000
Tummy/Side CHF 6.000
Arm Lift  
Upper Arm Lift CHF 8.000
Upper Thigh Lift  
Thigh Lift CHF 12.000
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)  
Abdominoplasty from CHF 12.000
Mini Tummy Tuck from CHF 6.000
Intimate Surgery  
G-Spot intensification CHF 2.500
Labiaplasty CHF 4.000
Correction of the mons CHF 2.500
Hymen Reconstruction Surgery CHF 2.500
Gynecomastia Surgery CHF 6.000
(med. operations / general treatments)
Consultation CHF 200